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    Members' Page

    The Film Society Constitution provides the framework for the Society. The Honorary Life President of the Society is Mr. John Garbutt, founder member of the Society since 1966.

    A General Committee of volunteer members runs the Society, meeting at least four times per year. Currently, the General Committee comprises:
    Jonathan Wilson - Chair
    Penny Turner - Vice Chair
    Ian Wallis - Treasurer
    Hilary Wallis - Secretary
    Johanna Finn
    Alfredo Michelsen
    Nemonee Stone
    Margaret Williams
    Neil Jarvis
    Dessie Astley- Cooper

    The General Committee is elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting in November each year. The Treasurer gives an annual financial report (annual financial report, to the membership at the AGM, providing interim reports to the General Committee. Members also receive the Secretary's Report at the AGM.

    The Committee also reviews attendance to assist with film selection and has a Marketing Plan and has a Marketing Plan.